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Traveling to Rwanda: Days 1 & 2

Getting overseas to your destination is a long process. That’s why days one and two are put together here. My journey began on Wednesday morning as I flew from Wichita to Chicago to meet Brian and Sandee Rhodes. Our journey to Rwanda had two legs. One 8-hour flight from Chicago to Brussels and One 8-hour flight from Brussels to Kigali.

We are staying in Kigali while in Rwanda. Once we landed in Rwanda, we were greeted by Alfred, who is the Rwanda Awana Missionary. He took us to our hotel and we ate dinner. (They had hamburger and fries!)

Over dinner, Alfred told us how he began in his work with Awana. He has been serving since 2014. He is the pioneer for Rwanda, and helped start the ministry here from the beginning. In the 4 years since he began, Rwanda now has over 500 Awana Clubs taking place each week. See the Awana MORE video from my very first Awana Africa blog for a video on Awana in Rwanda. We are looking forward to our first day in Rwanda today, so please continue to pray for us here are some requests:

Our hotel is a nice place, but right off the Main Street. I was so tired, and fell right asleep from 9 pm to midnight, however, being on the Main Street, there is a club just a couple doors down, so from midnight to about 4 am, I was tossing and turning, trying to fall back asleep. The first prayer request is for good rest while we are here serving. I kept looking at the clock last night, wondering when the music would stop... 1 am, 2 am, 3 am, nope... 4 am it was. So I did get some good Zzzz’s from 4-8 am.

Second is for good health while we are here. Between the jet lag, hot hotel room (no a/c, and I didn’t open the windows since I already got a mosquito music outside, my stomach was also upset - probably from the dinner we ate. I’ve put on bug spray, I’ve got my snacks, and am ready for Day 3 of this journey. So please pray for good health while we are here, that I won’t get sick from any food or mosquito bites.

Third is that God’s word and work will be seen and heard. Check back tomorrow for our first day in Rwanda! I’m so excited to see what God is doing and will do on this trip!

Fourth is for our family - I shouldn’t have watched The Greatest Showman on the airplane. Not only is it Lucy’s favorite music right now - PT Barnum has two girls and a beautiful wife, just like me. So pray for our family while we are apart for the next 10 days.

Praises - It is a 7 hour distance, I do have internet, and was able to FaceTime with Katie and the girls.

Thank you for your prayers!


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