• Tyler

Looking Hope In The Eyes

Have you ever prayed and asked God to help you find opportunities to share the gospel and love and encouragement with others? Recently, I’ve been praying for the Lord to open my eyes, so that I can share the hope that is within me (1 Peter 3:15). Last week, while I was driving home from a training in western Kansas, the Lord prompted me to stop at a gas station, even though I didn't need gas. I went in to get some caffeine, in order to stay awake, and then get back on the road. While I was walking out of the gas station I heard someone yell at me, "It's our Awana Missionary!" This man ended up being a T&T leader from the local church in town and waved at me to come over to his car. He asked me how I was doing, and I responded and asked him how his Awana club went that evening, since he was wearing his leader shirt. He had such a big smile on his face when talking about the new kids they had in T&T this year, and it brightened my day hearing his excitement of discipling kids. But what came next took me by surprise. As I was getting ready to head back to my car, the man stopped me and said, "Can I pray for you for your trip home?" I said, "Of course." and I'll tell you what... his prayer was so specific in asking the Lord for guidance, to keep me safe from deer, from bad road conditions, from bad weather, from car trouble. You name it, he prayed for it. Little did I know, that somebody didn't need encouragement from me, but that I needed encouragement from someone else.  A similar thing happened recently in a note from an Awana parent. One of our Awana churches decided to pray for us specifically this month as we are very busy traveling and training across the state. This parent reached out to us to share how thankful for they were for Awana. That it was making a difference in the life of their daughter, who had just finished her first year in Cubbies. They were so taken back by the scripture their daughter had memorized and the things she had learned through Awana. They encouraged us and told us that our efforts and the ministry we’re doing did not go unnoticed, and that she was praying for our family and ministry. Often times, when I'm looking for opportunities to share Christ's love, I'm usually the one who leaves encouraged. Knowing that people are praying for us and supporting us means so much to our family. We couldn't do it without people like you! 

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