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God Uses Ordinary People To Do Extraordinary Things - Days 9 & 10

On Thursday we packed up and left the beautiful hills of Rwanda for the mountains of Ethiopia. This morning (Friday) we woke up in wonderful Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We met the Ethiopian Awana Missionaries Girma and Betty at their Awana Office to meet with their Ministry Team. One thing I have learned while traveling internationally, is that Partnerships are key. In Rwanda, it was Edify that Awana is partnering with to see many more kids reached with the Gospel inside of schools. Here in Ethiopia, Awana is partnering with Great Commission Ministries and Campus Crusade for Christ. You see, in Rwanda, Edify is in 500 private Christian schools, and Awana is already being used to disciple children in 90 of those schools. In Ethiopia, GCM and Cru have been established for many years, while Awana is just in it’s infancy, only being here since 2014. Through these partnerships, Awana has trained over 1,200 churches in the last 4 years! It is through these partnerships that Awana is training pastors and leaders to use Awana to reach the kids in their communities. There is so much more to do.

Ethiopia has the 2nd largest population in Africa. Just 20 years ago, the whole country had around 200,000 evangelical Christians. Today, there are over 200,000 children attending Awana across the country over 20 million evangelical Christians. There are over 35,000 evangelical churches in Ethiopia, and of the 105 million people, 44% of them are age 15 and under. That is 44 million children and youth who need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ! The work here has only just begun. There are 10 people serving full time in reaching Ethiopia with the Gospel using Great Commission Ministries, Cru, and Awana to see this country won for Jesus! I had the opportunity to share with this group of ministry leaders about the story of Gideon. We learn in Scripture that Gideon was not an important person, he was the least of his family, and was just an ordinary man. If you know the story, God had great plans for Gideon. There was no way a group of 300 men should defeat an army of over 100,000. It was God who defeated the Midianites for His glory, and not the glory of the men. It is God who is going to win Africa for His glory, and not our own. He is going to do great things in Ethiopia through partnering with local churches and ministries to see these children come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

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