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Kigali - Day 3

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

We knew last night that our local Awana Missionary, Alfred, wasn’t feeling very well at dinner. After a very long night (See previous post for that information) we woke up and were to meet for breakfast at 9 am. It was at breakfast that I came to the conclusion that I am not a very adventurous eater. I actually already knew this, however, it didn’t hit me until all I had to eat at breakfast was a roll, some fried potatoes, and a banana from the buffet. There are some very interesting food choices here in Rwanda!

Today has been mostly meeting with Alfred, sharing on how Awana is currently working here in Rwanda, and what that might look like heading into the future. There is such a great need for children to be reached with the Gospel here in Rwanda, which is now reaching over 95,000 children weekly in over 500 Awana Clubs, since beginning here in 2014. We talked about our specific duties in the Great Commission with him here in Rwanda, and us in the US, and how we can be good stewards and partners in this work.

I have the deepest respect for both Brian and Sandee Rhodes, who travel across the globe in helping Awana Missionaries in their work. Their guidance for Alfred, and myself, has been so great today (they are also adventurous eaters, so they have my respect there too). They have such big hearts for seeing the Gospel spread throughout the world, and I’m so thankful I get to be a part of this trip and experience Awana internationally with them.

The little bit we got to see of Kigali today was beautiful. The smells here immediately took me back to my month long mission trip to Egypt in 2007. If you’re wondering what that smell is like, it’s like a mixture of exhaust smoke with wafts of sewer every now and then. Joking aside, it smells like many cities outside the US, as Brian stated. Outside of our hotel on the main strip here in Kigali, there is the constant sound of hammering with all the construction going on during the day, and the constant sound of music (not the Julie Andrews kind) during the evening/early morning. Maybe there’s a correlation there? Anyways...

In the evening, we waited at the airport for our Africa director, Stephen Maphosha, who is leading us in the next 5 days in Rwanda along with Alfred. Tomorrow we go to our first Awana Club, and I’m so excited to see God at work here.

God is good! He has kept us safe and healthy thus far! Thank you for continuing to pray for us. Your prayers are being answered as I slept good last night and am looking forward to a great day ahead!

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