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Awana for Every Child - Day 7

Today, more than any other time I have experienced, is that Awana is for Every Child, Everywhere. Upon arriving at Ecole Primaire eat Maternelle La Divine School, we were greeted by the most precious children. It was so neat to see that the children who had special needs were cared for and included in every part of Awana. I remember one boy, who stepped out in the middle of the Awana circle to pray for the day. One boy, in a wheelchair, who was brought into the middle of the group during large group time, only to see the other boys around him put their arms on his chair. As if to say to him without saying a word, “I care, you matter”. After all, that’s what children need. The love of someone telling them, maybe not even with words, that they are loved. That they are welcome here. It was beautiful to see another girl, who would walk up to you and just sit in your lap. She was comfortable. She belonged. Each one of these children had special needs, (I’ve posted the pictures of each one of these children) and each one had a place to belong. The second school we went to, Kigali Harvest School, reiterated this fact that Awana is for Every Child, Everywhere. This school founded in 2002 by a local church, just 8 years after the genocide, welcomes all children from the community. They are passionate about raising future leaders in Rwanda. My heart is full because of the work Awana is doing here, especially when children can experience it in their school. One of my favorite things at each Awana Club is when they are about to start, the leader yells - “AWANA!” and the children repeat it back even louder - “AWANAAAA!”. These children feel safe, loved, and a part of something bigger than themselves. They are part of Awana!

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