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A Joyful Heart - Day 4

Today started off heading to the outskirts of Kigali to a community Awana Club, hosted by a local church. It was here, where we met Joshua, a local Awana Ministry Director. As soon as we got out of our car, we saw all 150+ children standing around an Awana Game square, ready to begin their Awana Club that morning.

It was amazing to see a group of teens leading this Awana Club. The game leader, small group leaders, Bible lesson teacher, and skits were all done by these teenagers. They are ready to share the love of Jesus with these children from their community! It was beautiful!

Joy is the only word I can use to describe this morning. The joy of the Lord has filled my heart, seeing these children coming to know, love, and serve their Savior, Jesus Christ.

Their morning started with opening and singing. These children sang with so much excitement as they anticipated the next hour and a half of fun and engaging in God’s Word. Game Time followed the opening, and these children were so excited to cheer on their teams! It was both fun and exciting! Right after Game Time, the kids got together as a Large Group to sing, and hear their lesson. This weeks teaching was on the fall of man, when Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and immediately realized that they had sinned against God and broke his command. The girl who spoke stood there and shared from her heart, and even though she held the lesson book in her hand, she never once looked at it. She was ready!

After Large Group, all the children split up to go over the lesson and create a skit on what they had learned. It was so great to see the children engaging in what they had learned and work on their scripture memory for that day. For each verse the children memorize, they put the words to song and action which helps them to remember it and hide God’s Word in their hearts.

During closing, we all got to stand up there and give our greetings to the children. It was such a blessing to say that God loves them, and how happy it made me to see them engaging in God’s Word! I have so many pictures and videos to share, so I’ll add some good ones to this post, and create a video at the end of the trip with all our highlights. On our way to the car, I think I gave every child a high five, pound, hand shake, or hug as they ran to us immediately after Awana was over. My heart was overflowing. These children love Jesus and Others!

Seeing these kids faces up close and personal has put such a burden on my heart to see more Rwandan children reached and discipled through Awana. Clubs like these are welcoming ALL children, from all over Rwanda, to come and hear the Good News of Jesus! For every $10 given to Awana, 100% of that money goes to see one MORE child reached with the Gospel in Rwanda (or another country around the world). How can you help in this mission? Visit to give $10, $20, or however much God has put on your heart to see the Gospel shared to MORE children.

After leaving the Awana Club, we went and visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Our smiles turned to tears in seeing and hearing of the history of what happened here in Rwanda, just 24 years ago. In my lifetime, something so terrible and disgusting took place that saw over 1 million people killed because of their ethnicity. It makes my heart hurt just typing these words out. This has affected every Rwandan for generations to come. It was there in a garden to the side of this memorial, that we all took the time to pray together and lift up our families, ministries, and the people of Rwanda.

Will you pray with me the prayer that I put on the very first day of our blog?

“Father, I pray that all children and youth, in Kansas (wherever you are), in Rwanda, and around the world, will come to experience the hope of your Son, Jesus Christ; that they will come to Know Him, Love Him, and Serve Him in their lives.”

Thank you for praying for us as well. Continue to pray for good health and safety.

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