Resources - Your first stop should be by the Awana site to see if it can help with anything you may be looking for. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Us and we'll do our best to help!


Awana Leaders Resources - Here you will find the tools, music, special needs labels, parent pages, etc. to help you as an Awana Leader! Looking for something in particular? We've had great success using the search bar on the Leadership Resources page. Just type in what you're needing i.e. "labels" for special needs labels or "bundle" for T&T and Cubbies resource bundles.


Resilient - A new book from Awana that will equip readers with innovative, biblical and proven child discipleship philosophy around which to build ministry, along with free, practical tools.


Awana T&T - Get updates and samples from Awana's new T&T books.


Awana Blog - Need refreshing tips on all things kids? Awana's blog has updates every week to help parents and leaders connect with their kids.


Awana GO - Awana GO contains free lessons that enhance existing club materials and helps you spur your children to action through prayer, sharing their faith and giving.


Awana Youth Ministry - Trek and Journey, our Jr. High and High School curriculum that continues in lifelong discipleship with young people.


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Pinterest - Visit Awana's Official Pinterest page for ideas for your church. There are so many great ideas.